About me

My mission is simple, to make my customers happy by providing an excellent service at prices that fit into their budget

Share what I Love to do

Passionate about beautiful spaces


Sticking to the budget


Keeping on track of the project time line

My mission is to make my customer happy by providing an excellent design & drafting service at prices that fit into their budget. 

I am passionate about beautiful spaces and want to share my love with other people about design and architecture.

Being in charge of my own destiny, decision making and accountable for my own actions is the main reason why I run my own business.

When working for yourself you see the direct results of your hard work and benefiting the company.

My core values are respect for the customer & quality and value in every thing I do.



I love solving problems on my own, being independent and organised. I feel pride in doing a great job without having to explain why I took an hour longer than was given.

I am creative and need to express my art now in a new way, my way.

My desire is to help people enhance their lives through the beauty of the spaces I want to create.

When I have an idea I can put it straight into reality, without other people telling me it can't be done.

I want to communicate my ideas and convince others to jump on board.

I want to build my own team who share my values and journey, keeping focused on the same goal.

I want to develop my own process - not yet available.

I am used to getting my hands dirty.

I want to improve my drawings and win new clients.

When I was a teenager I read a book by Dale Carnegie it taught me “don't be afraid to fail” and “get to first base not go for a home run”. I still use his rule today.

Follow my start up vision and together do something we love.

Conceptual design-3D modelling-Floor plans-Photographic visualisation 

I am proud of my work and would love to hear from you.

Why use my services


  1. I am passionate about designing spaces for my clients 
  2. I believe and love what I do
  3. I want to help you create a beautiful space
  4. I want to give you the best service
  5. I will offer you the best solution to your design challenge
  6. I care deeply about your project
  7. I design the space around you and your life style
  8. I care about the neighborhood and the environment
  9. I want to inspire you
  10. I want to make the design process enjoyable
  11. I want you to recommend me to your friends sand family
  12. I will not be beaten on price for what I do


Key elements to Buildsense

  • Sensible spaces that promote the relationship between the indoors & outdoors
  • Sensitive to the environment
  • Sensual for your health & wellbeing
  • Simply common sense


Allow you to visualise your new space that doesn't yet exist,  help to space plan & flow management