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Conceptual Design

  • An early phase of the design process, in which the broad outlines of function and form are articulated.
  • It out lines the appearance of the design space within its surroundings.

What is & isn't included

  • Site survey, taking accurate dimensions. The client brief will be worked through for less re-work saving time & money later.
  • The 3D model will show all 4 external elevations scenes in rendered detail . It does not include interior scenes, this can be done at an extra charge pending on details.
  • Includes rainwater pipes as this critical in its design as all my buildings are designed from the roof down.
  • Wall / rain screen type.
  • Basic door/ window designs, there proposed positions & colour
  • Includes minimum 3 dominating features like trees, fences & walls, 1 neighbours property. Some times it can show more, giving the space better context within its environment. All scenes are in day light
  • Roof shape over hang/ soffit & possible waterproof coverings
  • Display 2 external light fittings
  • Does not include foundations details
  • 1st revision included. Any other will be charged @£70.00 each
  • Presented by email on PDF format & on printed A4 paper normally within 10 working days
  • As the finished design is very accurate it can be used later to create a drawing set for a planning application, this is extra on top of the conceptual design. 50% of the conceptual drawing package price will be deducted if a planing application is submitted

All other work on per job basis so please get in touch!

Payment terms

  • Deposit 50% on order & balance payment on completion of drawing set

Bank details Sort code: 20-88-13 Account number 40121630

Conceptual design 1
Up to 100m3

Conceptual design 2
Up to 500m3

Conceptual design 3
Up to 750m3


Comprehensive Site Survey main areas includes

  1. Adjoining properties if any
  2. External sizes of building to which new structure will added
  3. External sizes of new structure and its relevant position
  4. Access, parking, soil type, landscape
  5. Rainwater drainage, materials, color, window and door positions
  6. One other main features where new structure will fit
  7. North direction, Lighting, power source, water connection